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Added exceptional design challenges:

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Book ChallengeAdvertisements ChallengeAdvertising Challenge
Buildings ChallengePackaging ChallengeDiligence Challenge
Homeware ChallengeHotel ChallengeInteriors Challenge
Sponsored ChallengeLandscaping ChallengeUser Interfaces Challenge
Priz ChallengeAwards ChallengeCommunity and Social Challenge
Idea ChallengeConstruction Materials ChallengePhotography Challenge
Industrial ChallengeResearch ChallengeExpostitions Challenge
Surmount Security ChallengeSchool of Design ChallengeAdvanced Challenge
Absolute ChallengeArchitectural Design ChallengeGreatest Design Pieces Challenge
Design Thinking ChallengeTop Designers ChallengeBathroom Furniture Challenge
Prosumer Products ChallengeEnergy Products ChallengeEyewear Challenge
Watch ChallengeArchitectural Projects ChallengeTradefair Challenge
Tradeshow Centers ChallengeSummits ChallengeYellow Goods Challenge
Dictionary ChallengeMathematics and Nature ChallengeDigital Devices Challenge
Social Projects ChallengeArt Gallery ChallengeNews Challenge

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